Isabel Torres


Isabel is a science editor/writer and science communicator with a PhD in genetics from the University of Cambridge (UK). Her love for science communication began during her postdoc, when she got involved in several projects, such as developing ‘hands on’ science activities for school children, and creating a resource website for setting up fun activities with microscopes. Between running her editing business, freelance science writing and 24/7 job as a mom-of-4, Isabel enjoys working on and her other scicomm projects. Isabel is passionate about promoting women in STEM and advocating for gender equality, and she’s a co-founder of Mothers in Science.

Twitter: @prettysmartsci
Instagram: @prettysmartsci


Sonal Bhadane


Sonal is a medical physics and radiation therapy professional with over 10 years of combined clinical and industry experience in Cancer care. She is a passionate science communicator and a mom to two-year-old astronaut wannabe. Her passion for science communication began when she noticed that not a lot of people are aware of the medial physics and radiation therapy field, and that there in an alarming shortage of skills in these important fields. So while being pregnant, Sonal set up a scicomm Instagram account to take people on the science journey of using radiation to treat cancer. Sonal co-founded Mothers in Science to encourage the much needed conversations around motherhood and science careers.

Twitter: @bhadane_sonal
Instagram: @talkingscience


Catarina Moreno

Brand Marketing and Digital Manager

Catarina is a graphic designer and illustrator with a BA in Communication Design from Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Lisbon). She works mainly in branding, advertising, social media, editorial and events, but also loves to express herself through illustration. Besides her graphic design background, she had drawing lessons, studied children’s books illustration, and now embraced a scientific illustration course - an area the she always loved. She’s a mother of a dinossaur lover and of a chemistry youtuber wannabe.

Twitter: @catarinammoreno
Instagram: @catarinammoreno


Sherin Mohammed Shibin

Social Media Manager

Sherin Mohammed Shibin is a biotech engineer and currently pursuing a PhD in neurosciences at the University of Toronto, after having worked 6 years as a research assistant in Saudi Arabia. Sherin wants to show every woman that they can chase their dreams whilst being a mom, and she’s using her Instagram page brownphdmomjournal to break the stigma that mothers aren’t competent or ambitious and to inspire other moms to speak up and explore their talents and strengths. When not in the lab or raising her two daughters, Sherin volunteers at the Canadian Association for Girls In Science, where she runs science events to inspire girls and young women to pursue STEM careers.

Twitter: @sherin_shibin
Instagram: @brownphdmomjournal


Mei Lin Neo

Social Media Manager

Mei Lin is a research fellow with a PhD in marine ecology. As a junior PI at the St John's Island National Marine Laboratory in Singapore, she helps to lead and design experiments, as well as conduct data analyses for the various projects. Mei Lin's big dream is to bring up the levels of marine conservation awareness through science communication, pushing the path to use science in generating positive societal impacts. Her status quo recently 'upgraded' to becoming a first-time mum to a baby girl. From family planning to motherhood, Mei Lin had found it difficult to find relatable stories for support. Discovering Mothers in Science was a gem, and now Mei Lin hopes to work with the team to build awareness and support for fellow science moms. When not working on her projects, Mei Lin writes about her favourite marine animal - the giant clam!

Twitter: @MeilinNeo
Instagram: @clamscientist 


Melody Gavel

Social Media Manager

Melody is a graduate student pursuing her PhD in ecotoxicology. She had her first child during her undergraduate degree, and is now expecting her second child. Melody first became passionate about outreach and networking for mothers in science when she realized there were very little resources available for new mothers, and a lot of social pressure to not pursue a career. Since then, she has been working to destigmatize motherhood in academia through both her professional career and her Instagram page. When not working on her many projects, Melody is usually running after her very busy three year old or exploring nature with her family.

Instagram: @parenting.and.phds