Emily Curren



I’m a marine biologist just about to finish my PhD and a mom to a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old baby. 

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Emily Curren

“Many have asked me if I’m able to cope.”

I’m a final year PhD student with the Tropical marine science institute, NUS. I did plant virology for undergrad so transitioning to marine science for PhD was a whole new world.

The learning curve was steep but it was fun and exciting. I really enjoy going to new beaches, searching for my algae and scraping them off rocks. I used to do it so often that whenever I said I was going to the beach they would ask "is it to collect algae?".

Now, I still enjoy sampling at the beach and I would even bring my kids along with me. I have two boys, a 20-month and a 6-month old.

When my course mates first heard that I was expecting they were excited yet worried for me. In fact many have asked me if I’m able to cope.

Both my children were born around 36 weeks and in both instances I had to text my supervisor telling him "I guess I'll not be seeing you later in lab, baby is coming today!"

When I tell people I'm writing papers or running analyses during my confinement they think it's not possible or I wouldn't have the energy to do so. Somehow, it was possible in the end.

I’m very thankful that I have the support and help of my family and friends. And of course an understanding supervisor who cares and guides me along in my research work.

As I’m finishing up my last semester, I’m thankful to be able to come this far, and to have my children along on this journey. 

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