Cristinne Seixas



I’m studying for a master’s in physics education and I have a 4-year-old son. I’m passionate about teaching physics and I’m also a self-taught musician. 

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“I’ve had to juggle research, teaching, classes, a second job, and my son.”

My scimom journey started to get complicated at age 20 during my sophomore year of my undergraduate physics degree. I got pregnant, and my life started to change.

The beginning of the pregnancy was very difficult because of the nausea and intense headaches, but also because I had to deal with people judging me for getting pregnant  “very young”. So I had to leave home, and I got “married” when I was 7 months pregnant. When I had my baby, I had to juggle college and maternity... I spent about 2 years living on 400 Reais (100 US$), which was the stipend of my scholarship.

In the meantime, I got separated and had to move back in with my mother to be able to finish my studies. As a single mom, I had to reduce the number of subjects in college to be able to cope, and I remember how hard that was. During my last year of my undergrad, I started working as a musician to have extra income to support my child, and then I started teaching physics. Now, I’m doing a master’s in physics education, which has always been my passion.

Over the past two years, I’ve had to juggle research, teaching, classes, a second job, and my son. My master's degree doesn’t give me any financial return, so I have to work to support my son, and sometimes I have to perform on weekends to pay the rent. 

Last year, I started having panic attacks and was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and panic disorder. Sometimes I wake up without any strength, after being for so long overloaded my body began to send signals for help.

The journey to get here hasn’t been easy and it’s not becoming easier... but it is gratifying. When I see that I can overcome the hurdles, I have more strength to carry on.

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